"Enough of The State-Sponsored Violence In Rivers State"' Lagos APC Warns.

amaechi 7The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has warned that the worsening political  crisis in Rivers State is a time bomb the Presidency and the PDP are employing to sabotage Nigerian Democracy. The party warns that the unleashing of violence on the state government and the APC is a desperate measure by a failed presidency and party to ensure that democracy is truncated in the face of the obvious failure of the Jonathan and the PDP in both governance and securing continued strangulation of the country’s politics.
In a release in Lagos, signed by the Interim Publicity Secretary of Lagos APC, Joe igbokwe, the party warns that those who are engaging in the present stoking of violence for the selfish political ends stand to be consumed by the same fire they are igniting. It warns against pushing the Rivers people and the Nigerian masses against the wall in a bid to gain undue political advantage as such will rebound to hunt down the perpetrators of such crude political tactics.
“We deplore the joint effort of the Rivers PDP and the police in deepening the specter of political violence in Rivers State. We condemn outrightly the complicity of the police in the sponsored violence in Rivers State especially as it had become a manipulable tool in the hands if the PDP, as it continues to betray frustration at the decision of the Chibuike Amaechi government to protect the interests of Rivers people against the selfish interests if a few politicians who have mortgaged the welfare of the people of Rivers so as to maximise their own benefits.
“Like concerned Nigerians, we are really shocked that a sitting government should actively sponsor and spread violence in a section of the country for the narrow and selfish political interests of a few. We are shocked that a government should deploy the police in such criminal manners as being done in Rivers State; to visit murder, destruction and untoward violence on its political opponents. We are peeved that the police paid and sustained with tax payers’ money is being commissioned to ensure total violence against real and imagined opponents of the Jonathan government.
“With the continued deterioration of the security of innocent indigenes of Rivers, we feel that the time has come for the National Assembly to intervene in the PDP-sponsored violence in Rivers State. With the continued intransigence of the Rivers State Police Commissioner, Joseph Mbu, who has sworn to prosecute the illegal interests of his masters and ensure that Rivers is enmeshed in total bloodletting, we call on the National Assembly to exercise its oversight functions and curtail the continued predilection of the PDP federal government and Rivers Police to criminality and violence. We warn that the country is being dangerously prodded to the brinks by what is presently happening in Rivers so the National Assembly should not sit idly by and watch the continued endangering of the peace and security of Nigerians by a joint force of the police and hoodlums sponsored by the PDP.
“we demand the immediate arrest and prosecution of all the principal actors in the unfolding theater of violence in Rivers so as to avoid a situation where premeditated violence and bloodletting becomes an integral part of the country’s politics. Lagos APC, in saying that enough is enough, believes that the removal of Mr. Joseph Mbu is long overdue and we warn that characters who neither fought for nor contributed towards the freeing of this country from despotism should, on no account, be allowed to truncate the present democracy.
“On the continued state sponsored violence in Rivers State, we say that enough is indeed enough and we warn that those who revel in promoting the present orgy in Rivers State will certainly be brought to book, if not now but in the immediate future.”
Joe Igbokwe.
Interim Publicity Secretary,
Lagos APC.