My capabilities and efficiency are well known to all Deltans, says Delta Speaker


The Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Monday Igbuya on Sunday accused his detractors of ignorance.

“It is very startling to read online what some individuals termed the refusal to appoint them as political aides or award contracts to their organizations.”

In defence of his character, integrity and performance, Igbuya described the comments as baseless and without foundation.

“The turbulence of their selfish emotions and desires has blinded them to reality, particularly my contributions to the good people of Sapele.”

He urged community publishers to stop selling falsehood aimed at ridiculing his person in the estimation of well-meaning members of his constituency.

Igbuya also used the opportunity to deepen the  knowledge of his critics to the workings of government.

“My primary role is to make laws for the good governance of the state. My ancillary role is to provide checks and balances on the activities of the executive arm of government. However, subject to good relations, I can and has influenced several projects to my constituency. The governor of Delta State has Sapele at heart as reflected in the ongoing projects in the local government. He will do more. Contractors will return to site at the end of the rainy season. As a legislator, I have achieved a lot. The House of Assembly has performed its functions of making laws and where necessary, amended existing laws to conform to the objectives of society. The relationship between the executive and the legislature continues to be very cordial. The House has also used its oversight function to ensure sound fiscal management”

He condemned the unsolicited, unnecessary and uncomplimentary comparisons between him and deputy governor of defunct Bendel State, late Chief Patrick Odiete.

He chided the publisher’s deliberate distortion of history.

“Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia constructed a number of roads in Sapele. Okirighwe, Amukpe and Adeola roads were constructed by the military administration. The contracts were awarded to EDOKETER MANDILAS LIMITED. Late Odiete was a nominal deputy governor. Chief Demas Akpore was elected with Prof Ambrose Ali in 1979”

Igbuya who called on Nigerians to reject the culture of standing facts on their heads in order to demonize a man of absolute integrity and forthrightness said Chief Odiete did not construct Adeola and Okirighwe-Sapele roads.

“My capabilities and efficiency are well known to all Deltans. I have been very successful in my engagements. I have contributed greatly to the process of development, utilizing my membership of strategic committees and my position as speaker in stimulating positive reforms in key sectors of the state’

Specifically, Igbuya said he delivered the dividends of democracy to the good people of Sapele by influencing several projects to the area, instituting commendable welfare programmes for the uplifting of youths, women and elders as well as facilitating employment for many to key positions in the state

“I was instrumental to the appointment of many people in government. There has been some noticeable improvement in the physical landscape of Sapele since I became speaker” he said.

He cautioned those with politically selfish interests to desist from evil thoughts.

“It is only dishonorable politicians that seek to make bags of air from any little spark of kindliness they show to the people” he said.

Igbuya, known for digging out hidden talents, giving hope to the hopeless and bringing little known people and places to prominence, thanked the people for rallying round him.


He lamented the dwindling allocations to states.

“If the state government earmarks the money received from the Federation Account Allocation for the development of sapele, it cannot take care of the problems”

“Sapele is not the only place crying for development” he added.

Nwaka left behind a great vacuum, says Delta Speaker

The death of Pa Gabriel Nwafor Adimabua Nwaka has been described as a monumental loss not only to Nigeria but to Africa as a whole.

Paying tribute to the late business man, the Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Monday Igbuya said the vacuum left behind by Pa Nwaka would be difficult to fill.

“It is an understatement to say that Aniocha South has lost an illustrious son” he said.


“Pa Gabriel Nwafor Adimabua Nwaka was a highly prosperous businessman. He promoted the welfare of citizens while securing his own rights and privileges as an individual.

Admired by his peers, Pa Nwaka succeeded in translating his ancestry to advantage.

According to Igbuya, Pa Nwaka’s journey to prosperity commenced with Esonanjor Transport in the 60’s.

“As a businessman, Pa Nwaka did not generate wealth in pursuit of individual security. Rather, his wealth was used in the traditional sense, to accumulate security through personal obligations.

He praised him for uplifting the standard of the people.

“Deeply imbued with feelings of devotion to his town’s causes, Pa Nwaka encouraged and fraternized openly with social and cultural organizations such as the Odoziani Club of Ogwashi-Uku and the Ogwashi-Uku Association in New York. Infact, Pa Nwaka played significant roles in helping a lot of of Ogwashi-Uku men and women to re-define themselves and their aspirations in life”

He also praised him for his humility and concern for the poor




“Pa Nwaka was singled out by individuals and groups for his accommodating posture, leadership styles and business acumen.

He will definitely be missed by friends, family, associates, colleagues and all those whose lives he positively touched in one way or the other. He will be remembered as a man who promoted an image of enterprise, philanthropy and patriotism. He will be remembered for playing a significant role in the economic and social development of his large extended family. He will also be remembered for his gargantuan wealth, his identification with cultural and traditional aspects of life and the energy and wealth put into intellectual and educational matters”.

He prayed God to grant him eternal rest.

“I sincerely join the entire family of Pa Nwaka and the people of Aniocha South in celebrating the life of a great Nigerian businessman. I also bid the father of my colleague a respectful farewell and a sweet repose”.