Olejeme conferred Fellowship of Institute of Human Resources and Strategic Management of Nigeria

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Apparently overwhelmed by her achievements and service to the country, the Institute of Human Resources and Strategic Management of Nigeria has conferred upon the Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi its highest award of Fellowship.
“The institute selected Dr. Ngozi Olejeme strictly on merit and for her contributions to the development of Nigeria and mankind” a statement signed by the institute’s registrar, Mr. Abel Minna said.
The statement praised Olejeme for the smooth implementation of the Employees Compensation Scheme and for solving problems of workers and retirees.
“Like a rejected stone which has turned out to be very vital in construction, NSITF now has a wonderful place in the history of Nigeria” the statement said.
Listing poverty alleviation schemes , endowing a chair in one of the premier Nigerian Universities with a view to broadening knowledge in social security matters, affordable housing scheme , health and safety education through seminars, workshops and printing of posters and teaching aids to help prevent work place injuries and diseases, social assistance to the less privileged and aged, vocational rehabilitation, social assistance to the unemployed and health disability support as major achievements of NSITF, the institute praised olejeme for her integrity, humility, strength of character, timely compensation for employees, spending wisely and thousands of jobs for Nigerians.
The award presentation ceremony will be held on August 29, 2015 in Lagos.
The Institute of Human Resources and Strategic Management of Nigeria (IHRSM) is a registered professional institute developing human resources, engaging in strategic management programmes.
Speakership: We are solidly behind Igbuya- Delta Leaders

Delta Leaders on Friday described the Delta State House of Assembly Majority Leader, Chief Monday Igbuya as a highly focused individual, saying this humble and dynamic Deltan is a natural successor to Peter Onwusanye.
“If the succession is about continuity, keeping up the tempo of sustainable development and lifting the state and the people to the greatest heights, then Deltans have the answer in Monday Igbuya”
In a statement issued in Asaba to explain the backing of Igbuya by prominent Deltans for the speakership of the state, the leaders said they opted for Igbuya, owing to his track record as former chairman of Sapele Local Government, Chairman, House Committee on DESOPADEC and Majority Leader of the House.
“Igbuya has a cordial relationship with Governor Ifeanyi Okowa. He has vision, moral fortitude, zeal, leadership, commitment and love for all. He enjoys the friendship of the leadership of the party and the confidence of members of the house and will definitely triumph” the statement signed by Chief Ngozi Idigun said.
Continuing, the leaders said “Igbuya is knowledgeable and straight forward. His goodwill and philanthropy will see him through”
They pledged to work hard to ensure the success of the majority leader in the state
“We are working very hard to make Igbuya speaker. So we don’t want to be distracted” they said.
They argued that the majority leader was a detribalized Deltan who is more acceptable in the state.
“Igbuya is a consummate politician, proven administrator, a bridge builder, dogged fighter, grassroots mobiliser and crowd puller”.
They advised the people to embrace Igbuya for a better Delta State
“This is another opportunity to redefine and redesign our future in a direction that would strengthen the bond of unity, foster the spirit of oneness, enhance development and promote good governance” they added.


Nigerian Women praise Olejeme

Female politicians in Nigeria on Saturday eulogized the virtues of the Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Ngozi Olejeme, describing her as a woman with a difference.
They also accused some politicians of telling lies against an innocent woman and pasting same to various websites all in their determination to destroy her.
At a meeting to discuss challenges facing women in politics in Abuja, the women praised Dr. Olejeme for entrenching probity, accountability and transparency in NSITF.
They also praised her for placing the organization on a better footing to carry out its very crucial duties.
“Olejeme is a crusader for women empowerment and humanity. She has done so much in NSITF and other organizations. Her investment profile in human development is heavy. She is an achiever.” they said.

A statement by the spokesperson of Women for Active Political Participation (WFAPP) Mrs. Roseline Nwankwo said “Olejeme is everything positive”
The statement praised Olejeme for putting NSITF on the right track of development and acting with integrity, honesty, a strong sense of fairness, justice and respect for the dignity of the individual and groups.

“Olejeme picked NSITF from a status of a moribund entity unable to pay salaries and lifted it to a world class institution. She restructured the organization and re-engineered its current workforce, thus making it one of the most transparent and most equitable government agencies in Nigeria.
The statement enjoined Nigerians to join hands with President-Elect, Muhammadu Buhari to build a united, virile and progressive nation
Olejeme is regarded as a turnaround expert.