Olejeme confident of Jonathan’s re-election • Praises Nigerians for supporting PDP

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Deputy Chairman, Finance Committee of the Presidential Campaign Organization, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme said she was confident People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Candidate, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan would be returned to power in the March 28 Presidential Elections.
“PDP will have a resounding victory. That is very clear” she told Niger Delta youths on Saturday in Asaba
Olejeme who sought the support of the young and old to make Nigeria great said President Jonathan would work closely with all Nigerians.
“The youth are Nigeria’s future. To this end, the PDP government will continue to spread employment opportunities across the country and ensure every youth has access to quality education that could secure them a place in a globalized and highly competitive job market.
Promising that President Jonathan will continue to accelerate the social, political and economic development of Nigeria, Olejeme cited environmental protection, social safety nets for the vulnerable population, development of the agricultural, livestock and fishing industries, expansion of infrastructural projects, especially roads, energy and transport, expansion in jobs, food security, national security, people-led governance, quality education, health care, and national unity as top priority items in the Jonathan led PDP government.
The Jonathan led PDP government; she said, not only put in place transparent systems but revitalized the country’s manufacturing, agriculture and tourism sectors.
“President Jonathan established twelve Federal Universities. His administration through the National Universities Commission (NUC) gave rise to quality international and local private universities across the country. He tarred over twenty-five thousand kilometres of the thirty six thousand kilometres (36, 000 km) Federal Roads. He completed over 90 per cent of narrow gauge rails. He implemented the Nigerian content law in the oil industry, thus improving the participation of Nigerians in the industry. He also implemented the cabotage law with Nigerians now owning ships and more Nigerians employed in the shipping industry. He also established Maritime University for high-powered man-power development in the Maritime Sector”

“President Goodluck Jonathan will continue to advance the rights of the marginalized. He will bring peace and security to the country and fast-track economic development in all parts of the country. He will shape our country for the better, foster unity, ensure economic growth for all and greater transparency in public life, business and civil society,”
“He will continue to provide grants to young people so that they can set up and run their own businesses. He will continue to focus on issues that resonate with the public.
“President Jonathan’s transformation agenda will continue to focus on ways of ensuring a strong, inclusive, non-inflationary economic growth, employment generation, poverty alleviation, and sustained improvement in the well-being of all classes of Nigerians as well as value re- orientation that targets a robust anti-corruption campaign.
His administration will continue to focus on security, the investment cycle, job creation and also meet the great expectations’ of the people. ” she added.
Olejeme mourns Bayelsa women, says there is no alternative to Jonathan
President Goodluck Jonathan has been described as the best presidential pilot to take the country safely to the next level of development.
“Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is a man of character and competence” Deputy Chairman, Finance Committee of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organization, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme said.
Speaking on Tuesday in Abuja with journalists, Olejeme advised Nigerians to be more concerned with the vision, integrity, acumen and ability of the presidential candidate.
In her words “there is no alternative to Jonathan in the March 28 Presidential Polls”.
Olejeme who is also Chairman of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) insisted that the socio-economic reforms of the current administration have made impact in the different spheres of the nation’s life.
“President Goodluck Jonathan has provided leadership by re-engineering the polity, transforming the socio-economic landscape of Nigeria and broadening the prosperity of the country and the people by providing jobs, upgrading the nation’s infrastructure, promoting multiple export industries, reaching the poor and rural areas, creating larger space for small and medium- sized business and bringing hope to the people”.
Echoing the president’s leadership qualities, Olejeme said “Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is a shining example of honesty, humility and quality leadership”.
“President Jonathan has proved to Nigerians that government is all about accountability. He will continue to educate our children, focus on health care and uphold rule of law at all times”.
Olejeme urged Nigerians to reject those who viewed public life as a means to increase private wealth.
She explained that the issue of winning the March 28 election is already a foregone conclusion.
“The task of ensuring victory at the polls for the People’s Democratic Party has been performed by the president through good policies, job creation and projects that have direct impact on the people”.
“Jonathan’s victory in the March 28 presidential election will wipe out the cry of marginalization from Nigeria, improve the current reforms and consolidate the gains for the greater good of all Nigerians whether from the North or South” she said.
Olejeme also sympathized with the government and people of Bayelsa State over the death of some prominent women from the state in a motor accident.
Her eyes filled with tears, Olejeme said “it is really hard to believe. It is just so sad”