Oyegun is a stabilizing factor in Nigerian politics

Oyegun heads for second term
The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief
John Odigie-Oyegun on Tuesday received the endorsement of APC
leaders from North-East, North-West and North-Central.
“A change of leadership is not on the cards. There is no surprise in
the air. The dynamic national chairman is sure to win” the leaders
They also urged APC National leader and former governor of Lagos
State, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu and other APC leaders in the
South-West to back Oyegun’s candidacy.
“We need to avoid deadlock”
In a statement in Dutse by the chairman of APC United Front, Alhaji
Ibrahim Musa, the leaders praised Oyegun for unifying the ruling
party, fostering collaboration and encouraging engagements that
neither diminishes others moral worth.
“The result of the APC chairmanship election won’t surprise anyone”
Calling his performance in four years exciting, the leaders said the
APC under Oyegun’s leadership existed as a united political group.
“APC is not a loose coalition of personal and sectional factions”.
They hailed Oyegun for his flexible position on political issues,
reconciliation of feuding political groups and his commitment to a
greater Nigeria.
“The incumbent, Chief Oyegun will be reelected for the second time.
Party faithful and their leaders in the north are certain of Oyegun’s
Specifically, they eulogized Oyegun for bringing unparalleled
brilliance and unbridled patriotism to the chairmanship job.
“Oyegun is a stabilizing factor in Nigerian politicsimages (4). His success in
the convention will be based on his performance, popularity and
honesty. Other aspirants do not pose serious danger to Oyegun. They
have nothing to offer” the leaders said.
They commended South-East and South-South APC leaders for supporting Oyegun.
“We don’t want a southern gang up against the north. We don’t want to
be plunged into darkness. Oyegun, a role model and an icon, is held in
reverence and affection by the vast majority of Nigerians. He believes
in the course that seeks to prime humanity to loftier heights” the
leaders added.
My chances are bright – Tunde Adedeji
Elder Tunde Adedeji on Thursday indicated that he would be the All
Progressives Congress (APC) nominee for governor in Osun State.
“My chances of becoming the party’s candidate and winning the next
governorship election in Osun State are bright” he said.
In an interview in Lagos, Adedeji said he had to join the
gubernatorial race to bring in the much needed investment to develop
the state, harness the huge resources, shore up revenue and fill the
gap in infrastructure.
“I have what it takes in terms of exposure, education and vision to
lead Osun State to the next level of development. I have been in
politics since 1998. Prior to that, I was active in student politics,
a king maker and parliamentarian during my days in University of Ife
(now Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife (OAU)). Nobody could have been
president of the Students Union without my input. I attempted the
House of Representatives in 1999 and my ticket was ceded to a former
Speaker of the House of Representatives. I cooperated with Chief Bisi
Akande, our great leader, political father, mentor and great coach. I
have been a loyal party man. I have gained a lot from our progressive
leaders. I am a key player in Osun Politics. The greatest travail of
the progressives was the struggle for the actualization of the mandate
of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola. I am glad that I was part of the process. I
am able to mix maximally with different kinds of people –Youth, women,
the old, privileged and under privileged. I have a lot of contacts
both locally and internationally that can be harnessed to bring in the
much needed investment to develop the state. I served as the chairman
of two companies within the Oodua Group of Companies, Askar Paints
Nigeria Limited and Wrought Iron Nigeria Limited. I want to leave a
legacy of good governance” he said.
A grassroots politician and a native of Gbongan in Ayedaade Local
Government Area of Osun State, Adedeji said he would fight the
election on economic issues.
“Osun should not be a poor state. The state is endowed. If given the
mandate, I will leverage on the infrastructural development efforts of
the incumbent. All that is needed is a visionary leader, who can think
out of the box, come up with solutions that will address the paucity
of development in the state. Osun is an agrarian community. We have to
increase productivity through massive investment in agriculture,
agroindustry and agribusiness. I am committed to building a state
where there would be economic buoyancy, a hub of modern development
and beehive of business investments and employment generation
He promised to create new jobs, ensure proper training and enabling
environment for the civil servants in the state.
“Work is the antidote to poverty” he said.
Adedeji who praised Major General Leo Segun Ajiborisa (Rtd), Alhaji
Isiaka Adeleke (of blessed memory), Navy Commodore Anthony Udofia,
Brigadier General Anthony Obi, Brigadier General Theophilus Bamgboye,
Chief Bisi Akande, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola and Ogbeni Rauf
Aregbesola for contributing towards the development of the state
promised to lead an all-inclusive government, bridge the gap between
the rich and the poor, provide developmental initiatives and encourage
women by reserving forty percent of appointment for them .
“Having garnered experiences in private and government agencies, I
have decided to bring to bear the flourishing and unending exposure I
have acquired over the years to serve my people. I feel there is no
better time than to contribute at a higher pedestal to the development
of Osun State than 2018. I have been in public administration and
business for years. All I can do is to strive to do better”
Adedeji, one of the APC leaders in Osun, represents the state as a
member of the Technical Committee on Regional Integration of Western
He served as a board member of the Agricultural Development
Corporation of The State of Osun.
Currently, he is a Director of Skyrun Cocoa Processing Company Ede.
Oyegun: South-South leaders want Sagay’s criticism ignored
•    Tackle PACAC Chairman
•    Urge him to refrain from making mockery of his age
•    Praise Oyegun for getting the image of APC shining across Nigeria
Nigerians have been advised to disregard the recent criticism of the
All Progressives Congress (APC) National Chairman, Chief John
Odigie-Oyegun by the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee
Against Corruption (PACAC), Prof. Itse Sagay.
South –South leaders in a press statement issued Tuesday in Asaba,
capital of Delta State, said Sagay is the wrong person to raise issues
of performance against anybody.
They urged Sagay to refrain from making mockery of his age and profession.
“Sagay’s comment on the National Chairman of the All Progressives
Congress (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, Senate President, Bukola
Saraki and Speaker, House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara is
condemnable. It could be out of ignorance or mischief” the leaders
They described Sagay as an anarchist, split personality and his
statement to blemish Oyegun’s integrity as “bellicose, false and
“Sagay’s comment is politically motivated to promote his sponsors. We
find it difficult to understand the basis of his assertion that Oyegun
is a failure, disaster to the party and his reinstatement will be
suicidal. We don’t think anyone in his right sense would say that. How
can the emergence of Saraki and Dogara as Senate President and Speaker
be a yardstick to judge his performance? Sagay got it all wrong. Does
he expect Oyegun to hold the hands of some candidates in the National
Assembly and put them on the seats? What a childish statement?”
The leaders condemned Sagay for exhibiting ignorance on party
management and democratic processes.
They described Oyegun as “a great unifier”
“Ignoring Oyegun’s contribution to the unity and growth of the ruling
party and terming his tenure a disaster simply shows lack of respect,
short sightedness and poor understanding of the workings of political
parties with contending groups and interests”.
“Oyegun is doing exactly what is expected of him as National Chairman.
He is committed to democratic processes. Sagay should be educated on
party management. He should be reminded on how Oyegun built the ruling
party and got the image of APC shining across the country”
Signed by the Chairman, South-South Front (SSF), Chief John Harry, the
leaders described Sagay’s arguments as amateurish.
They urged sane elements in the country, particularly Lagos State to
prevent the continued misleading of the public by people like Sagay
who is inspired by hatred, wickedness and falsity, qualities that are
strange to the good people of Okpe Kingdom and Itsekiri nation.
“If Sagay is so unfamiliar about the achievements of Oyegun, he should
hone up his historical references. His sinister propaganda has no
place in a civilized society. Sagay’s godfathers would do well to
restrain him from further sowing the seed of disharmony or hatred” the
leaders added.